A fitting tribute to Sarah

It’s been one year since Sarah Huntley, a popular member of staff here at Riversway, sadly passed away.


Sarah was a key part of the staff team, working as an administrator during her time with us from June 2009 to early April last year.


Respected by all who met her, the staff at Riversway felt it would be a fitting tribute to remember Sarah with a plaque and rose in our lovely garden.


The tribute was paid for by staff members keen to mark her passing, and who can now remember her as they spend time in the outdoor space she loved.


Cupcakes at Riversway

Riversway Nursing Home in Bristol hosted its own charity Cupcake Day recently to raise awareness of dementia.


The national event, organised by the Alzheimer’s Society, sees people up and down the country baking, buying and eating cupcakes to help raise funds for research into dementia.


At Riversway, a lot of fun was had with games, prizes and cupcake decorating taking place. Plenty of cakes were eaten and shared by everyone around the home, and for those who couldn’t leave their rooms – we took the celebrations to them!


Visitors and family members stopped by to join in the fun, and we look forward to hitting our charity target.


Fundraising will be open until July 16th. Anybody looking to help with Riversway’s fundraising efforts can visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Riversway


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Catching up with the housework

Recently a number of our residents asked if they could help out with housework around Riversway, why not we said!


Hoovering, washing up after breakfast and folding laundry were on the agenda, with plenty of time spent matching lonely socks!


Eventually the washed and folded clothes were taken to the laundry room where our group met staff member Samina.


We heard lots of comments from residents expressing amazement at what modern washing machines can do and the amount of clothes that can fit.


Everyone had a lovely time and it was good to see our resident’s happily chatting whilst folding laundry and keeping themselves busy with the housework.  Afterwards we all had a nice cup of tea which rounded off the morning perfectly!



To view more photographs on our Facebook page, please click HERE


Shirley’s day out shopping

One of our residents recently enjoyed a busy day out from Riversway Nursing Home.


Shirley enjoyed a lovely stroll to our local supermarket looking at all the items they had to offer on the shelves and we all spent lots of time choosing our favourite treats.  We enjoyed the relaxing stroll back home, enjoying the fresh breeze at the side of the river, we even had time for an ice cream cone.


Shirley really enjoyed her trip out and she's already planning and looking forward to the next one!






Remembering Babs

We had a visit recently from Nina, the daughter of popular resident Babs – a resident at Riversway for over 16 years before she sadly passed away.

Nina and her husband spent a lovely afternoon at Riversway and they planted a memorial fuchsia plant in our memorial garden, with a plaque featuring a bumble bee that reads

Fuchsia for Babs

with lots of love

This bumble bee symbol has particular significance for Nina as whenever she used to leave messages for her mum, she would draw a bumblebee at the bottom.


We look forward to watching the fuchsia blossom, for Babs.







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